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Hot Melt CPD Presentation

CPD (Continuing Professional Development) presentations are an essential way for manufacturers of construction materials to get their products specified on projects. The challenge is to create a seminar that effectively blends technical information with practical advice and relevant project examples. It cannot just be a ‘sales pitch’, as it has to conform to the strict guidelines as set out by a recognised institute such as RIBA.

With this challenge mind, ‘Hot Melt Waterproofing for Modern Construction’ was created to explain the history and latest developments in hot melt waterproofing. It examines product innovations, changes in packaging and low melt technology, and also presents design considerations and other aspects of specification.

The overall objective of this presentation is to give specifiers a greater awareness of the benefits of hot melt waterproofing systems, and to encourage them to use hot melt products to solve design problems that they may face on future projects.

UPXL Launch Presentation

This sales presentation was put together to support the launch of UPXL, a next generation roof waterproofing system with a comprehensive 30 year guarantee. It introduces the main system options available for specification and explains the many benefits that UPXL is able to offer over the competition.

Developed in Microsoft PowerPoint, this presentation combines an attractive slide design with effective on-screen graphics and succinct but clear bullet points to effectively communicate a number of important messages to the target audience.